Groupie Blog #1 : MAY

As we all know Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are in a very happy and committed relationship..

Zayn pretty boy Malik has been going behind Ms Perrie’s Back before they even knew each other. And he kept his old meat around too long for someone who is so happily engaged.
Zayn being one of the easiest members of One Direction to get to and potentially hook up with (that IS if your looks are up to his standards) has numerous groupies around the globe. He just can’t seem to settle down and simply keep it in his pants.
But among the many girls he has around the world there is one that sticks around and lingers like a bad smell,  and thats when May Yassine comes in.

May Yassine is a 21 Year old from NYC.

She’s one of the the few (or only) reoccurring Zayn groupies out there, May and Zayn met back in 2012 on their first big tour,
She was a friend of Sydney Dalton (if you can even remember who that is) and May, Sydney and some friends got a room in the same hotel as the boys. The boys being young, immature, and not as famous and careful as they are today, some how came in the path of May Yassine (or at least Zayn did) and the two got up to something. Mays ‘Friend’ Sydney Dalton decided if May wasn’t going to tell the world what she did with Zayn, that she would. So Sydney took it upon herself to tell her friends that she Sydney Dalton hooked up with Zayn, my guess is that May didn’t want anyone to know so Sydney said she’d take the blame for it for her own personal fame.. Typical. Long story short the news of Sydney and Zayn got out to a major 1D blog and soon was causing nothing short of a war in the twitter world (keep in mind this was the first time that groupies came up in the 1D world), so for months Sydney Dalton was getting major attention for her supposed Zayn hook up, and i guess May was mad for her so called ‘friend’ crediting her famous work, so after a massive fight on twitter (and probably over text) Sydney and May were no longer friends and the truth came out that it was actually May who had slept with Zayn.. and this was just the start.

After May started getting the attention that she deserved, it took over her. The girl that once didn’t want to spill the beans about hooking up with Zayn Malik suddenly became a girl who spilled almost every dirty detail on twitter. And this tweet claimed the heart of all little girls that didn’t want to believe her and zayn even knew each other.
Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 11.54.29 AM

After that May needed the attention like oxygen and decided to go on a little road trip following the boys to their every stop (which she still does today) and getting Zayn in every possible city she can.

Such as..
Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 11.55.40 AM

Clearly she’s just saying she misses Miami….not the fact that One direction is in a pool behind her.

May was also said to be the girl in the call of this video when Zayn decided to give a girl a harmless booty call.

And May is also not very fond of a certain member of little mix. I mean who wouldn’t be fond of someone when they’re so ‘happily’ engaged to the guy you’re side-chicking for;), May has openly slammed Perrie calling her Ugly, Disgusting, Dirty, and practically every other name in the book.
Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 11.54.56 AM

Zayn is also not the only superstar May has been in bed with, one of the most relevant being none other than Mr Calum Hood.

To say the least May is very public with what she says and posts on the internet, she has openly said that being shady has got her far, she has no problem exposing her secrets and the secrets of others online. Sadly some of her best tweets have been deleted (i smell modest’s dirty paws for getting them deleted), But she is very open and im sure if you give her a follow on social media and scroll a little bit you will find ALL the dirty details;) She has posted far too much for me to put into words and show you guys in a blog.
Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 11.56.42 AM

Twitter- @May_Yassine
Instagram- @May_Yassine

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Hi Guys!

Im excited to share my decision to start posting blogs daily (that is if my schedule allows that, if not every day every 2 days :p)
It seems to me the most anticipated blogs is information on the groupies, with that known I’ve asked you to DM/askFM me the groupies you would like to hear about first and i had many requests. I picked the top 5 most requested groupies and they are..

May Yassine
Caitlin Davis
Kinga Piasecki
Tatum Hickman
Brianne Long

Thank you for all your suggestions/requests btw:)

I’m now gathering and sorting all my information and images to bring you the blogs and i will post my first one tomorrow if all goes well.

I’m excited to start sharing with you;)
-xoxoGossipGroupie ❤


Im back and ready to expose;)
I’m going to start posting tomorrow night and regularly about all the groupies/situations that have been going on.
If you have any questions or information you’d like to add do not hesitate to tweet/askFM me, i will give those with a question a follow on twitter so you can DM me.

Stay pretty lovies;)

My story

Basically my first post (i’m going to be using a wordpress account just because its like 783643 times easier) is just going to be me telling you guys what i’m trying to get out of this account 🙂
This account is not somewhere for me to rip all these ‘groupies’ apart behind a computer. I actually do respect a few of them and they all aren’t bad people. I’m just trying to get a few points across and help ease the confusion going through fans heads and to basically clear up all the false accusations that are making these girls and 5SOS themselves look bad. I’m also very tired of some girls that will remain unnamed (for now) making up fake hook up stories for their own personal fame, its just teaching these girls it’s okay to lie and make people look bad if it benefits you, and i think its nearly pathetic the measures some girls will go to, they clearly have a low self esteem and no real life if they resort to this as a ‘hobby’. Another thing i’d really like to stop is these young girls, 13-16 that are trying to hook up with the boys, The boys are older and even if you look older it is still wrong, I’m so tired of seeing young girls asking how to hook up with them. Do not give up your innocence, your virginity, or your life for 4 boys who probably don’t care and are just in it for the sex. Exploiting yourself is wrong and you should have a little more self respect then that. Even if you do get the chance to hookup with them (highly unlikely) you will completely regret it after. Save yourself for someone that matters, not someone that will just give you bragging rights for a few months. Groupies are older and most of them know what they’re doing when it comes to famous guys and have experience with getting to them. Some of the groupies didn’t even get to the boys on purpose, Some were set up with the guys, and some of them pushed themselves up on the guys and the guys used them as an easy target. All i want is the best for the fans and the band! i don’t want any girls getting hurt or anyone not feeling good enough because they cant hook up with the boys. By now they have girls almost every where they go and it will be nearly impossible this time around on tour to get with them anyways (sorry for ruining any dreams, i wish everyone the best of luck). 

So when it comes to my blogs, i’m going to try posting individually about all the girls and i have many pictures and have made sure to be positive that all of my information is correct and confirmed. Im only going to post texts conversations if i know they are 100% true because they are so easy to fake and it is an invasion of privacy. I’m from the US but i have many friends all around the world that have given me insider info. Some of them even have friends that are acquaintances with some of the groupies so i can assure you my stories are either 99% true or these girls are the best liars on the planet. I’ve been wanting to make an account like this for a long time but i’ve finally realized its time to finally do it!  

So keep the followers coming! ill do my first exposing blog very soon 🙂 And don’t hesitate to send me info/questions/etc 
Ask FM

And i look forward to helping you all out with all this!!

-xoxoGossipGroupie 😉

So thats all i really wanted to share!